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OTTO Introduces the New HTWS Subminiature Hall Effect Thumbwheel Switch

The HTWS is a subminiature Hall effect thumbwheel switch with single axis and proportional output. With a spring return-to-center, the HTWS provides a linear change in voltage outp...

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MacInnis Group Represents TEWA – Thermistors & Temperature Sensors

Prior to being acquired, MacInnis Group represented a world class manufacturer of temperature sensing products for over 25 years.  The need for sensing, in particular temperature,...

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OTTO Engineering’s New B2D Basic Switch

OTTO Engineering continues to innovate.  Their most recent example is the release of their new B2D Series Basic Switch.  The B2D offers the same proven robust design as the OTTO ...

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“Employer – Employee” & “Principal – Mrep” Relationship

I saw this video recently and I could not help but recognize the similarities between a successful "Employer - Employee" and "Principal - Mrep" relationship. It really is not th...

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