Line Card
Tape and adhesives, terminals, tubing, static control, bumpers, reclosable fasteners and abrasives
DC/DC power converters, switching regulators, AC/DC converters, LED drivers, and custom power supplies.
American Bright
High power TH & SMT LEDs, AC LED & COB light engines and modules, high power emitters, IR products, light bars and photo interrupters.
World class supplier of Industrial Ethernet, VFD, Flex, Control, Power, and Electronic type cable.
Comair Rotron
Fans, Blowers, Impellers and Custom Air Moving Products.
Erni Connectors
Leading global manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a broad line of interconnects for the telecommunications, data communications, computer, industrial and medical markets.
E-T-A, Circuit Protection & Control
Thermal, Thermal-Magnetic and Magnetic-Hydraulic over current circuit breakers; Digital Switching technology; Custom Power Mgmt Systems Design including Rack Mount.
Excelitas Technologies
(Formerly PerkinElmer Optoelectronics)
Opto sensors, photo detectors, photocell, thermopile and pyroelectric detectors, photodiode arrays, IR emitters, laser diodes
Insight SiP
Bluetooth Low Energy—Smart Modules, Antenna in package modules, sensor modules and custom designs.
Microphones, specialty transducers, custom assemblies
Lumberg Automation
M Series & Hirschmann connectors, cord sets & sealed bus module
Premier Mfg of electrical products for Marine, Medical, Entertainment & Temporary Power – Connectors, Power Cords, Batteries, Chargers & accessories.
Magnetics - Linear Power, Current Sensors, RF Balun, Switch Mode Power, Telecom and Audio
Analog, Op Amp, Communication, Video, Audio, and Power Supply IC’s. Driver and Peripheral IC Devices.
OTTO Controls
MIL and ruggedized switches, joystick controllers, pressure transducer and hall effect switches
Resistors: wire wound, current-sense, thick film power, surge capable, high voltage, high energy WW and rheostats
Top-quality EESeal® EMI/RFI silicone rubber filters for a wide variety of connectors. Patented packaging technology provides fast & effective transient solutions.
Pressure sensors and switches. Thermostats for industrial and HVAC applications.
MIL and commercial connectors and interconnects for severe environments
Electromechanical, solid state and RF relays, coaxial switches
US Sensor
U.S. Sensor is a leading manufacturer of Precision Thermistors, Thermistor Probes and Assemblies, RTDs and RTD Probes and Assemblies for temperature measurement and control. Offering products that operate from -80°C to +500°C and accuracies to ± 0.05°C, their markets include Consumer, Industrial, Appliance, Instrumentation, Medical, Military, Aerospace and Automotive. Custom designs to meet the most stringent requirements as well as standard designs are available.
Terminal blocks, PCB and DIN rail, HD connectors, industrial ethernet and power solutions
Interconnection hardware, surface mount and through hole interconnect assembly solutions

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