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American Bright’s IR Sensor Offering

Did you know that American Bright Opto Electronics (ABOC) has been applying their expertise in the visible spectrum to IR for a very long time now?  The result is a broad offering of IR Sensors for most every application.

You can find more information on ABOC’s IR offering at this link:  American Bright’s IR Cut Sheet.

Better yet, let the team at MacInnis Group help you pick out the right IR solution for your requirement.

Souriau’s Trim Trio Video Overview

Souriau’s Trim Trio Industrial Connector Portfolio is pound for pound the best connector on the market.  It’s good – better – best housing, and contact offering all utilizes the same tooling, and as this video depicts, is intermateable with eachother, and the industry 26482.  This make backward compatibility a nonissue, and allows for scalability for future designs.  Be it plastic – plastic/metal – or full metal, or sealing – UV – or mixed power and signal,  chances are that a Trim Trio solution exists for your design.

Check out the The Trim Trio video here.

New Product from OTTO

OTTO just released a commercial grade version of their line of limit switches. You can now get a highly reliable limit switch for a fraction the cost of a MIL approved part.

You can find more information on this innovative product here, or contact the team at MacInnis Company to assist you with your design.


We are moving!

It is extremely exciting to share with everyone that after 22 years on Vanderbilt Avenue, MacInnis Group is moving back to where it all began in 1981 – on Access Road, in Norwood, MA.  It will not be in the same building, but right across the street.  Moving is not what is so exciting – in fact, it is downright stressful.  What is so exciting about this move is that MacInnis Group has opted to make a long term investment in our future by purchasing this new office space.  This purchase is but one example of the company’s commitment to continue to reinvest in the company in order to continue to exceed the expectations of our principals, distributors, and customers alike.  We all are looking forward to finishing the buildout, and moving into what will be our new home.

Another Successful Electronica for MacInnis Group

Electronica continues to be an extremely productive use of resources for MacInnis Group, and this year exceeded our expectations again.  Most of our Principals attended, as well as our ever-important Distributor partners.  This resulted in four full days of meetings that required Julie Carr and Hank Heissenbuttel to attend their first Electronica.

I want to thank all of our Principals for allowing us to participate in their meetings, and as your Mrep, to be the voice of your Field Sales Team.  Whether it be participating in strategic meetings between our Principals & Distribution Partners, getting a sneak peek at new products, or having some fun with our industry friends, Electronica continues to be an event that is rewarding in so many ways.

Take a look at the photo evidence below: