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Addition of LOVATO Electric

MacInnis Company is proud to announce the addition of LOVATO Electric to our industrial product portfolio.

For nearly 100 years, LOVATO Electric has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications.

LOVATO Electric’s solutions are designed around the following applications, and more information is available by clicking the associated link:

The MacInnis Team is ready to help you identify a LOVATO solution for your design.  Let us know what we can do to start this conversation.

The LOVATO USA Home Page can also be found by clicking the logo below.

API Delevan improves price and delivery on Powder Iron Temperature Stable 1008 SMT Inductor

Delevan’s Powder Iron Temperature Stable version of the 1.0 µH, +/-5%, 1008 SMT Inductor is now available at a reduced lead-time and discounted unit price.

Part Number 4302-102J offers superior electrical characteristics in environments that require consistent performance over a wide temperature range with the following parameters:

  • Temp Rise (35C) Current        520mA
  • DCR                                         550mOhms
  • SRF                                          80MHz min
  • Temperature Stability             ΔL~1%
  • Inrush Current Handling         Excellent

This design is suitable for use in applications where temperature stability is critical for system performance

  • Portable medical diagnostic and test equipment operating in remote locations
  • Communication systems operating in harsh environments where temperature variables are vast
  • Data transmission systems operating in extreme atmospheric conditions

More application tools and information on the entire Delevan offering can be found HERE.

Weidmuller’s OMNIMATE LUF 15.0 Series Power to PCB

Weidmuller’s LUF 15.0 series allows for a direct connection of 18-6 AWG cable up to 57A/600V.  That’s right – 57A with a simple push in termination with single and multiple poles to chose from.

Does your application require power to a PCB and are you looking for a reliable means of accomplishing this?

Click on the photo below for more information on Weidmuller’s LUF 15.0 option.

SAGER Office Meeting

Special Thanks to our partners at SAGER who attended our half day business strategy session at MacInnis Company office this week.  The features and benefits of the products that our shared manufacturers offer was discussed, targets were developed, and a good time was had by all.  Looking forward to seeing the NBO activity that is going to result from our time together.

Thank You Again Team SAGER!



Picking Your Souriau Contact

Too often customers neglect to pick a connector solution with the contact that is the best option.  This might be because not many connector manufacturers off the portfolio of contact options that Souriau – Sunbank does.  Be it Signal, Power, Coax, UTP, Fiber, or most importantly a mixture of both, picking the right contact can tremendously improve your design.

A brief overview on how to pick the right contact can be reviewed by clicking the image below.  The team at MacInnis Group would also be happy to assist you in picking the right contact for your design.

Souriau – Sunbank is Qualified on D38999 Hermetics

Souriau – Sunbank has expanded their product offering to included a full offering of Qualified D38999 Hermetics.  This is in addition to their existing offering of sealed connectors that includes both Resin and Hermetic across most of their product offering.

Are you in need of sealed connectors?  If so, we should be talking to assure that you are picking the right part for your application.

You can find more information on Souriau – Sunbank’s Qualified D38999 offering by clicking the image below.