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ARCOL HS Series Extension

Ohmite is proud to introduce an extension to ARCOL’s HS Aluminum Housed Resistors. The HS series has been such a hit that they are extending the series with three new sizes! The new sizes are capable of power dissipation from 400 watts to 600 watts (when properly heatsinked). Each new size comes with wired leads, keeping the input voltage source away from the mounted chassis and resistor body. These resistors are most suitable for power applications including braking resistors for frequency converters.

These new parts offer users a versatile range of resistance values from 3.6 ohms-1200 ohms (depending on wattage). The new range is available in a standard tolerance of 5%.

The team at MacInnis Company is ready to assist with an OHMITE solution on your next design.

You can find more information on the HS Series, as well as the entire OHMITE product offering on there web page HERE.

Weidmuller’s D Series PUSH IN Relays

Weidmuller’s D-Series Relays with PUSH IN connection – speeds up wiring and the integrated test point, facilitates troubleshooting during operation.

The team at MacInnis Company are ready to help you with your relay requirements.

More information on this innovative product from Weidmuller can be found HERE.

Better yet, a video is worth 1000 words.  Check out the D-Series features in motion in the following video HERE.


Knowles Announces First Amazon-Qualified Development Kit for Wake-on-Voice Alexa Headsets

It’s official, Knowles has just released a new chip that works seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa. Their development kit is the first that is approved by AVS.

The team at MacInnis is ready to help you design your next generation headsets to interface seamlessly with Alexa.

Dev Kits are now available.

More information is available HERE, or by contracting MacInnis Company.

Have a look at the informative AVS Video HERE.

Mega Electronic’s Locking IEC Solution

How are you presently assuring that your power cord is not accidentally disconnected?


If avoiding having your power cord disconnected is an issue, I highly recommend that you consider Mega’s IEC Lock family of products.


Not only does the IEC Lock product prevent disconnections, they also have a rewireable option.


You can find more information on this innovative product enhancement HERE.

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Can You Proactively Design to RTCA DO-160 and EUROCAE ED-14? Quell Can Help!

Image result for quell eeseal

Don’t do yourself the disservice of designing in the dark – download Designing Aeronautics for EMC and shed some light on the important details.

In the early days of aerospace environmental testing, products would fly through with relative ease. Things changed with  the advent of semiconductors, computer software controls, highly complex aircraft systems, high power and high frequency transmitters. 

Designing Aeronautics for EMC helps you to avoid costly redesigns and testing delays by providing you with critical EMC considerations during the early design stage. The whitepaper reviews design items such as:

• Coupled Energy 
• Filter Design 
• Location 
• Components 
• Shielding 
• And Much More! 

DOWNLOAD Design Form Here






Souriau’s Locking Mechanisms are Best in Class – Video

Ok, so you need an I/O connector for your new design, but what feature of the connector do you consider first?

Depending on the application you may start by considering the number of conductors, current rating, environmental performance, but how about options for locking features?

The locking mechanism is very important to assure that the connector remains coupled, while also providing a means for decoupling that is inline with the application.  The locking mechanism can be a mechanical marvel, and Souriau has a variety of innovative designs that are best in class.

You can see this innovation at the following video, or better yet you can have a MacInns Group sales person demonstrate each for you in person.

Souriau’s Locking Mechanisms Video

OTTO B3S Sealed Basic Switch

OTTO’S sealed, double break B3S basic switch is designed for demanding applications that require a reliable seal.

Sealed to IP68S, the B3S basic switch has a high cycle life – tested to 1 million cycles at logic level.

The switch is also capable of handling up to an 8 amp resistive load.

You can find more information on this innovative product enhancement from OTTO here.



OHMITE’s new FSR Series resistive force sensor

Were you aware that Ohmite has applied their expertise in resistive technology to sensors.  The Ohmite FSR Series (Force-Sensing Resistors) exhibit the unique characteristic of dynamic resistance related to the amount of applied force. In general applications, the more force applied to the surface of the sensor, the lower the resistance. The resistance change is inversely proportional to the applied force. Force Sensing Resistors offer many benefits for HMI ( Human Machine Interface) sensing in a wide range of markets and applications versus mechanical switching or capacitive sensing. These include but are not limited to:
FSR Series

• Small, thin and light
• Largely immune to EMI and water events
• Low power
• False touch rejection
• Cost effective
• Highly Durable (>10M activations typical)

You can find more information on the FSR series here.

ETA Rep Council

It is an absolute honor to be a longstanding member of ETA’s Rep Council.

Their commitment to the independent manufacturers’ representative model as the most cost effective and efficient field sales option is second to none, as is their use of a successful Rep Council.

On behalf of the rep community as a whole, thank you ETA.

Great Thermal Management Innovation from OHMITE

PA and PV Series Heatsinks

Ohmite’s forged pin fin heatsink for TO-220, TO-247, and TO-264 devices

Ohmite’s P series forged pin fin heatsink (patent pending) offers an all-in-one solution combining a compact design with a universal cam clip system for TO-220, TO-247, and TO-264 package devices. This powerful forged pin heatsink is designed to be through-hole soldered to the PCB board. The forged pin design allows forced convection cooling in multiple directions.

The pin fin design allows for a larger surface area creating minimum thermal flow impedance. The P series is the ideal type of heat sink for high power and small size (1U or 2U) electronic packaging with natural and forced convection cooling