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OTTO Engineering’s IPx6K Video

Sealing is but one area where OTTO Engineering continues to invest, innovate, and remain a market leader.

Is your product properly sealed and have you chosen the right switch for its environment?

This video does an excellent job explaining the IPx6K rating and how OTTO tests to this demand classification in house.

OTTO IPx6K Video

The team at MacInnis is ready to discuss sealing, or any other switch design challenge that you might be having.


Sensata’s New DRMS Hybrid Motor Starter

DRMS Series Hybrid Motor Starters are intelligent and convenient solutions for controlling 3-phase asynchronous motors. These compact devices can provide up
to 6 functions in the same unit: Forward/Reverse, Soft Start/Soft Stop, Motor Overload Protection, and Mains Isolating Relay.
Motor overload detection is based on a thermal load curve. The relays are de-energized when an overload condition is present, ensuring a long service life.


Check out this quick video highlighting the features and benefits to Sensata’s DRMS product:

Sensata’s DRMS Video


The team at MacInnis Group will be happy to assist you further with your motor control application.

OTTO Introduces the New HTWS Subminiature Hall Effect Thumbwheel Switch

The HTWS is a subminiature Hall effect thumbwheel switch with single axis and proportional output. With a spring return-to-center, the HTWS provides a linear change in voltage output corresponding to actuator movement in either direction from center.

With its smaller size and shorter behind panel depth, it is perfect for use in grips, handheld controllers and in panels where space is limited.

The HTWS is available with eight output options, including single and dual (redundant) outputs.

The HTWS is designed for a .895” x .420” panel opening. The electronics are sealed to IP68S and an optional boot is available for added dust, sand and water protection. The HTWS offers a cycle life of three million. It is available with flying wire leads or pin connection.

  • 8 output options
  • Spring return-to-center single axis actuator
  • Installs into 0.895” x 0.420” panel opening
  • Integrated snap-in retaining feature
  • Sealing boot option
  • 3 million cycle rotational life
  • Electronics sealed to IP68S
  • Excellent EMI/RFI immunity
  • Flow through design
  • RoHS compliant

More information on this innovative new product can be found HERE.

MacInnis Group Represents TEWA – Thermistors & Temperature Sensors

Prior to being acquired, MacInnis Group represented a world class manufacturer of temperature sensing products for over 25 years.  The need for sensing, in particular temperature, has developed over the past 25 years and I am pleased to announce that we have filled this product offering with TEWA.

TEWA has been an innovator in temperature sensing technology at their headquarters in Lublin, Poland for over 40 years.  Their product offering/capabilities are broad, quality is excellent, capacity/delivery is consistent, and their pricing is very attractive.  So let’s start a conversation about your temperature sensing needs.

More information on TEWA can be found HERE.

Image result for tewa sensors

OTTO Engineering’s New B2D Basic Switch

OTTO Engineering continues to innovate.  Their most recent example is the release of their new B2D Series Basic Switch.  The B2D offers the same proven robust design as the OTTO B2 workhorse, but with an improvement to the Dead Brake travel.  This improvement increases the switch sensitivity and makes it an ideal solution for a variety of design challenges, including pressure, level, and other high end sensing needs.


Watch the OTTO B2D Video Here.

“Employer – Employee” & “Principal – Mrep” Relationship

I saw this video recently and I could not help but recognize the similarities between a successful “Employer – Employee” and “Principal – Mrep” relationship.

It really is not that complicated, and it all starts with mutual RESPECT.

For a variety of reasons, I think that the “Principal – Mrep” relationship has progressed a long way, but there continues to be room for improvement.  Further improvement will not come unless it is mutually recognized and accepted by all parties.

New Absolute Multi Turn Encoders from Sensata

Sensata Technologies introduced the availability of MHM5 and MHK5 Absolute Multi-Turn encoders with either Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet interfaces for Factory 4.0 applications. To provide additional design flexibility, these encoders are available in either shafted (MHM5) or blind shaft (MHK5) configurations.

These model MH encoders provide up to 16 bits per turn and 14 bits of turns counting. The compact packaging allows these encoders to be easily integrated into existing designs while a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +85C) and an IP65 rating makes them suitable for most any industrial application.

Included in the design is a geared turns counter that is immune to electrical or magnetic interference. In addition, these encoders feature reverse polarity and short circuit protection as standard. These robust specifications help to ensure highly reliable and accurate speed and position sensing across many industrial processes.

Multi-turn encoders are used in packaging applications where they help to identify the position of products along the process line to determine when the machine needs to take an action such as to die cut, mark, slit, inspect, singulate, and/or stack. Another common application when encoders are used is in metal forming – such as determining the absolute position of strips, bars, rolls or tubes of metal being carried along a process, that need to be marked, scored, slit, inspected, or formed.

Absolute Multi-Turn encoders like models MHM5 and MHK5 are also often used to determine the angle of rotation and position of a crane boom, as well as the amount of cable payout. They are also useful in heavy vehicles for off road mobile platforms, construction and mining equipment, where proper placement and operation of equipment is critical to the success of the project.

Please contact the team at MacInnis Group if you would like more information on this innovative new product from Sensata.

More information can be found at the following link:


2019 Sensata Channel Summit

It was an honor to participate in Sensata’s 2019 Channel Summit this week.

It is amazing what can be achieved through collaboration when we can all gather together with the same goals.  Sensata was exceptional in putting this front and center over 48 hours this week.

Thanks to Sensata for the Summit and their continual support of the Channel.  Your efforts are very much appreciated and the ROI is enjoyed by all.