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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 1981, MacInnis Company is a leading manufacturers’ representative covering the New England States. MacInnis Company is a subsidiary of MacInnis Group, which also provides professional coverage in the ERA territories of Metro New York, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic, and Upstate territories. Our mission is to be a resource for our customers, connecting them with the product and capabilities that are supplied by the world-class principals we represent.

Our Ethos & Long Term Mission

MacInnis Company is a leading manufacturers’ representatives in the industry with a long term plan. This plan is executed through the following core components:  

  • Sales:​​  Exceed overall market growth in our territory for all principals that we represent.
    ○ Capturing Competitive Market Share
    ○ Growing Market Share Organically
  • Principals:  ​​Representing world class manufacturers that are innovative and offering new products that our customers require is critical to our success.  All the manufacturers we represent will benefit when our line card consists of best in class innovators.
  • People:​​  Continue to assure that we are properly staffed, and willing to invest in well-rounded, professional people who possess the critical skills required to sell multiple lines to generate new business opportunities, and grow sales.
  • Expansion:  ​​We are open to growth by any M/A or territorial expansion that strengthens the company’s position in the market, and its ability to provide to our principals, and our people expanding opportunity
  • Tools:  ​​Management is continually researching and investing in tools that will help the team grow sales.
  • Data Analytics:  ​​Management continues to put a high priority on utilizing the abundance of data that the company receives monthly through POS, and FTB reporting systems. Analyzing this data to identify trends and maximize our position in the sales cycle has become a fundamental part of how we execute our business and will continue to be a contributor to the services that we provide.
  • Distribution:  ​​The importance of distribution in our territory is driven by the desire of the customer to do business through the channel, as well as the advantages that our principals offer. Implementing and executing a strong distribution plan can improve your company’s overall position in the market, and profitability.  Therefore, distribution remains an integral part of our long-term strategy, and we will continue to invest in our ability to service the channel on behalf of distribution, and principals alike.
  • Industry Support:  Supporting the industry is a responsibility the company takes very seriously. Though this requires commitment, we see value in these efforts, and will remain committed to these industry efforts by membership and support of the following:
    Associations – ERA, ECIA, WE
    Events – EDS, ERA Conference, ECIA Conference, WE Conference, Electronica, Trade Shows, Local Events
  • Social Responsibility:  ​​MacInnis company believes it is our responsibility to provide for our employees, and to support the communities we live in.  We will continue to support existing charities, and will consider supporting any new charity financially, or through volunteerism.

Our Team

John Hutson, CPMR


Julie Carr

Partner – DST & OEM Sales

Brian Corrigan

Partner – OEM Sales

Robert Giudicianni

Partner – OEM Sales

Walter Ford

Partner – OEM Sales

Steve Swenson

Inside Sales Manager

Marie Ferry

Office Manager - Sales