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Can You Proactively Design to RTCA DO-160 and EUROCAE ED-14? Quell Can Help!

April 30th, 2019

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Don’t do yourself the disservice of designing in the dark – download Designing Aeronautics for EMC and shed some light on the important details.

In the early days of aerospace environmental testing, products would fly through with relative ease. Things changed with  the advent of semiconductors, computer software controls, highly complex aircraft systems, high power and high frequency transmitters. 

Designing Aeronautics for EMC helps you to avoid costly redesigns and testing delays by providing you with critical EMC considerations during the early design stage. The whitepaper reviews design items such as:

• Coupled Energy 
• Filter Design 
• Location 
• Components 
• Shielding 
• And Much More! 

DOWNLOAD Design Form Here